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Some Interesting musical websites to check out!

There are many websites that I use for getting info or just getting some extra ideas or music

Here is a list of websites to check out:

1. Pinterest - We have the Davies Music School page that has heaps of stuff pinned to it

2. - 150 free songs to print out

3. - You need to pay for this but they have lots of cool stuff to buy

4. - Has some very interesting things to use for mainly piano

5. - Also some tips and good information about playing the piano and learning theory.

6. - Haven't looked around this but it has sheet music on here.

7. - Has some freebies on here in relation to their music programs.

8. - Make your own musical instruments looks interesting.

9. - Has some benefits of learning music.

10. - Got some interesting music things on here to check out.

11. - Got some awesome teaching things on here and some of its free!

12. - Got some free stuff.

13. - This site has some free stuff for music mainly piano.

As you can see there are lots of good info here to find to challenge and to motive you as a student or as a parent to guide the students through their learning music challenges.

If you have any more good sites let me know and I will add them to this list.

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