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Using an Online database system

I`ve started using an online scheduling and database system that parents, teachers and staff can use. This is

I find this very useful to add my schedule and add my enquiries etc. onto an online system that can be accessible from anywhere, as I`m always searching for my diary or trying to use my One Note system or various paper that I write things on which my kids take to draw on.

Enclosed is a picture of the system. I still haven't seen all that it does but for a monthly fee its well worth it.

The Calendar below is an example only of the system. You can also send out sms and email reminders, though I haven't worked out the sms way yet only email. Hopefully I can start to fully use this system to gather all the info that parents give me after each lessons etc.

If any one uses this system, and has some handy tips, let us know

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