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Fees are Increasing for our Team 2 at our Hoppers Crossing Studio and our Team 1 unfortunately for t

Increase of fees explained

Just for an explanation of why the fees are going up a little. It used to be just about myself and my little studio, so I reduced my fees lower than all my other staff members to attract more numbers.

Most other schools have lifted there prices up at the start of the year, including Notes Music School which has term lessons at $28 per half an hour and Universal School of Music which is around $36 per half an hour and Fabs Music school which is around $35 per half an hour

People have asked me, why are your fees lower than all the other staff members, shouldn’t it be higher. As we are now changing our business model a little, so we need a slight increase to do some renovations, build more comfortable spaces and hire new staff members that we pay for, even if the student doesn’t turn up, which has happened a few times already.

Most of our competitors have lifted their prices already at the start of this year. As we were overseas this year, we decided to give everyone a little time before we lifted our prices up.

We will also have in place some Junior teachers to keep the prices down and also do group lessons for those who cant afford to pay for the whole term at one to one prices.

Our Price for Team 1 will also go up by $1. This pay increase will go straight into the pockets our staff in team 1. For new student drive outs we will put a $2 extra fee for petrol money.

We are finding it harder and harder to get our teachers to do drive outs, cause it consumes

more time for them to go to your home and back or go to your home and then to another

students home. Most of our teachers are deciding to have students come to there own studios

rather than the other way around.

Studio 1 and 2 ( Hoppers Crossing )

We will continue to work on our new business model, give good prizes to the kids that do their best in learning their craft, try to provide concerts every term to help build their confidence. Having many concerts also costs money to run as we need to pay for hire of the facility and the music technician to help run the sound.

We are also giving discounts for the parents who refer friends, family and acquaintances to Davies Music School. These parents are parents that pay the whole term for their kids. If the student stays for at least a term, we will give you $20 off your term fee. Also, if you can write us a small good referral letter or Facebook comment about our school we will give you some money off too.

If you find a better price at a music school in the area, we will be happy to match, it like Bunnings say 😊

These discounts above only apply to our students at our Davies Music School Studio with Team 2.

Prices at the start of Term 3 in our studio will be as follows:

$29 for Casual lesson – Though we want to only use this in small occasions, where the student has paying difficulties. We find if the student goes casual, he/she doesn’t turn up or call us when they want and perhaps only turn up 5 out 10 times, which is not good for our business as it blocks others that want a spot with us. We do have a demand in the local community and often have new students coming through each week. We get around 10-20 student enquiries per week normally

$27 per half an hour

This is for students that want consistency in learning their instrument and are committed to wanting to progress well. This is the model that we want as a business, so we can be there for you and give 110% of our efforts. We will endeavour to give you make up lessons, if you are sick or need to change times. Either myself or one of my staff members will help you do a catch-up lesson.

Looking forward to continuing to teach well in everything we do here at Davies Music School

Kind regards

Steve Davies

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