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We are starting back on the 8th of Jan unofficially and on the 28th of Jan officially

We are looking to start in a couple of weeks time for mainly catch up lesson from term 4.

Due to some clients who think 6 weeks holidays is too long for them to wait for lessons for their


We will be looking into making all clients be aware that we will providing only 2 make up lessons

per term as we have some clients, not showing up, not calling to reschedule, not remembering

to come for a make up lesson. For us we are running at a lose when students dont turn up for their

scheduled music lesson and we are paying staff for doing nothing as they wait for students not showing up. We are looking for ways we can fix this business problem.

We have built a new staff and overflow room outside starting 2020 and we have now all 3 studio

rooms with air conditioning, though we are moving one of the air cons out the back in Jan as we had a client run into it outside, cutting his head.

We have a few new staff working for the first time in 2020. We also have an ukulele teacher on hand

if we can get a few enquiries. We are also looking to have a Sax, flute and Clarinet teacher onsite

for our current woodwind students. We hope also to have some back up teachers for our back up teachers, so that we dont need to cancel any lessons as we had a situation happen twice, where all our 6 piano teachers, where away or sick to work, leaving us to cancel some lessons and rescheduling.

Currently we have room for more students, though we are 75% full currently as we started our 2 new

rooms like 9 months ago. We are looking at the possibility to start a business in Point Cook to accomodate all our new enquiries.

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