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Welcome back to face to face lessons in 2022!!!!!!

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2022. We will try to send out more newsletters online. It will be stored on our website. It makes it easier for us to do this, as we have over 300 families to contact when we have to make changes and give updates. There are some important updates in this newsletter. So please read to the end of this newsletter!

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. We hope that you had a nice rest and a great holiday time. What a year we have just had!

We have many parents coming back from the lockdowns in 2021 and from holidays overseas, who are looking forward in continuing their music lessons. We have also had already 35 more enquiries, since Christmas, looking to do lessons with us. We are also planning on doing a marketing campaign to reach out to the over 600 enquiries we had last year. We tried to call as many as we could, while we had to call

our 350 odd students, change our scheudules and set up zoom lessons. It was organised chaos. We appologies

for those parents students, who we could not place due to restrictions and limit spaces.

We will also look at trying to move staff around to make some more spaces available as we have had many more enquiries. over the holidays and some current students are waiting for different times to move too.

Remember also that we have 3 other teachers available in other suburbs. We have Irene doing Piano in Truganina, Elaine teaching Piano in Point Cook and Hamish also teaching piano in Point Cook. We will also be moving Josh our violin teacher to work from his home in Werribee and get John to work from his home

studio if he can on other days other than Tuesday

As we only have a few spots free during the week, we are also looking this year to perhaps renting a property somewhere near the hoppers crossing studio. The second option is to try to get a business loan to buy a warehouse and build rooms. Currently we have around 200 students here. We can put a few more on a Wednesday and also on a Saturday. We are planning on having Alex work Saturday afternoon and his friend Hristian teaching guitar on Saturday morning.

Cenzina cant work Tuesdays, due to her studies so she will be working on a Wednesday for her singing and piano students. Tuesdays we havent worked out who is going to take that role yet. We may have a role for one of our guitar teachers or a piano teacher.

We have had a few new faces last term. We would like you to welcome Anna and Yevin to Davies Music School. We also may add another piano teacher to our list,


We have many students working on their music exams and many are still waiting eagerly for their music results. We have also a new incentive competition this year. This involves earning points to buy gifts etc.

We have brought heaps of new prizes, small and large and hope that we can encourage more students to

do their practice!

We will have at least 2 musical concerts this year, Hopefully they will be face to face, but the online music concerts have worked well last year and can use this medium for a back up if needed. We finished out around the world competition. The top 3 will recieve trophies and the the top ten a Certificate with a gift. Congratulations on the winners: The winners are as follows:

1: Brendan 2: Bon 3: Jaren 4: Jaila 5: Jasiel 6: Dion 7: Amy 8: Jordell 9: Eric 10: Mia A Special mention: Goes out to Jerry and Felecia who would have been in the top ten if have had lesson online.

This year we will be raising our fees up $2 to make sure all our students are paying the same rates in our studios except our Point Cook studios which fees will be $32 per half an hour. Which is still the cheapest rate in the area. This will also give us a chance to keep up with inflationary measures and have enough to pay rent if we need to move from this location this year sometime. Prices in our studios are as follows: $30 for half an hour lessons one to one and $22 for family groups of 2-3. We also mentioned that we have a great rewarding system set up this year and we will have even more prizes that last year. We also want to give a shout out to those that did A.M.E.B and A.N.Z.C.A musical exams. We give a huge congratulations to all students passing their exams. Everyone did well according to their abilities and practice for the exams. Here are the results for Last year. Please note we are still waiting on another 5 students results. Michah - Prelim - Modern Guitar - A+ Nathan - Grade 1 - Drums - A Jerry - Grade 3 - Guitar - A+ Solemon - Grade 3 - Modern Piano - A Srikshita - Grade 1 - Singing - A Nikita - Grade 3 - Modern Guitar - C Joanna - Grade 1 - Modern Piano - A Rishi - Grade 4 - Modern Guitar - A+ These students have done the A.N.Z.C.A music examinations Here is a list of students this year that have done the A.M.E.B musical examinations. Eric - Piano for Lesuire - Grade 1 - A Felicia - Piano for Lesuire - Grade 1 - A+ Vihan - Piano for Lesuire - Grade 2 - C Shrikshita - Prelim - Singing for Lesuire - B Jennifer - Grade 1 - Classical - B Bon - Grade 5 - Piano for lesuire - Waiting on results Vihan - Grade 3 - Piano for lesuire- Waiting on results Callan - Prelim - Piano for lesuire - Waiting on results Brendan - Grade 2 - Classical - Waiting on results Jasiel - Grade 3 - Classical - Waiting on results

We also had a few of Clives students who have come over to our main studio that did well on their exams also this year. Most got A`s or A+

Congratulations on your achievements. We look forward in preparing you for the next level of exams.

Clive has left us to work in the mines in W.A when the border opens, due to Covid restraints. We thank him for working with us for 7 years, taking on some of our students and working from his home.

This year we will be trying to get all our teachers onboard to do some of our musical modules for piano and guitar so far. I will be working on modules this year for violin, singing and drums. We will also be having a few work experience kids with us. We had 2 last year and 2 who wanted to do work experience, but couldnt due to covid restrictions. Please feel free to welcome them when they come to our various studios

Looking forward in having a better year that last. We look forward in teaching you and helping you grow in your musical aspirations! Kind regards, Steve Davies


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