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About Davies Music School

Welcome to our website!

Hi my name is Steve Davies the Owner and Director of Davies Music School

My hobbies are:

Spending time with my family of 6 in total

Gold Prospecting

Bike Riding

Playing Computer Games

Playing music of course :)

Participating in my local church (Enjoy Church) (Sunshine location)

I really love music and breath it in daily. It's great for soothing the soul and lifting us up every day!

I have been teaching music for around 20 years and are at the moment studying for my A.Mus.A in piano. I also have a Qualified childcare diploma as well as a Business Administration Diploma. I have started Davies Music School officially around 2010, after receiving many enquiries about do I teach other instruments or know of any good teachers that teach various instruments. I now have added over 50 teachers and an office manager, and the number of enquiries is still growing day by day. I have also had good results in teaching various exam bodies like the A.M.E.B and A.N.Z.C.A

We are looking in 2024 to grow possibly another studio in Manor Lakes and Start another location in another primary school in the area.

We also are aiming to reach the 400 active student mark sometime this year.

Our Music goals are these:

Provide quality lessons at affordable prices.

Grow music students toward their full potential

Help foster kids in a fun, learning way to learn music.

Provide music lessons for disadvantaged children around Australia and the world.

Build a music school brand all around Australia and beyond.


Mr Steve Davies
Manager and Teacher

Davies Music School

Our Philosophy
Andrew teacher of the term

Here at Davies Music School, we would like to provide quality music lessons at affordable prices, trying to make lessons fun but well worth learning. We aim for our teachers to be well qualified with experience and to be able to related to all cultural backgrounds, faiths, young and older and to be child friendly.

We also hope to be able to help students grow to their full potential.

Our History
Clive teacher of the term

We have officially started in 2010 and we are a growing school with over 300 students and growing weekly. Eventually we hope to have teachers all over Melbourne and then other capital cities around Australia and perhaps overseas, including the USA, NZ and the UK.

Currently we have around 28 teachers that work for us in Melbourne and 1 in Brisbane.

We are working hard to provide quality music lessons for affordable prices. We are looking to cater to all age levels and give heaps of options to our clients. Our main music studio is in Hoppers Crossing which has over 100 students coming on  a weekly bases.

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