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Davies Music School is Growing!

We here at Davies Music School are continuing to grow and we are starting to get more enquiries coming from other suburbs where we may have had teachers in the past or other suburbs that we don't cover. What I'm trying to do is cover most of the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, which is a large task. The next task is to try to get those teachers that have been interviewed and have joined our School, find students for them to teach. We are looking at lots of marketing strategies to make this happen. What we would like to have in place is a music school like home lessons in the USA, which cover many cities around the USA, but run it here in Australia and beyond. We are finding that 65% of clients like a teacher to come to their home and only 35% like to come to a music studio. As Australians we are all getting busier with our families, work and lifestyles. There is a huge demand for home lessons. This is the areas that what we would like as a music school to fill.

In 2018 we have now 1 teacher near Brisbane and another teacher moving to Sydney. This will be a challenge to see if we can get work for them both. If we can, we will then employ more teachers in both these cities and try other cities around Australia. Will keep you posted if we can achieve this goal!

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