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What Guitar Should I buy?

We also get this question asked every week, when we start teaching guitar lessons.

For younger children that want to learn guitar we match their size to the guitar.

The Acoustic guitar comes in 3 student sizes: 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4. The adult sizes also vary from adult full size to adult 3/4 (a.k.a concert size). Guitar for an 11 to 12+ — adult full size, adult 3/4 concert size, or 3/4 child size (for a petite child). Most our students start with a 3/4 size guitar. We have many in our studios. These guitars have 3 nylon strings for the bottom of the guitar and 3 thicker strings from the top. This is so the guitar strings don't dig into the small fingers of a child. The more Nylon strings the guitar has, the less your fingers will hurt. You will after a few weeks of practice have harder finger tips which will help you get a firm sound from the guitar.

We use these shops to purchase acoustic guitars. Bashs music - Deer Park has the Valencia Guitar with Case from around $100 and comes in various colours. Underground music Dalehay - has a better quality acoustic guitar with a stronger fret board. This one costs around $135. I noticed that Dj City has a guitar with case for $59. Im yet to check this out, but its an awesome price!. Better brands are brands such as Ibenez, Les Paul, Maton and Fender to name a few! They sell from upwards of $200+


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