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What Piano/Keyboard should I buy?

I get this question asked many time a week, for students that are starting to learn to play

the Piano or Keyboard. Both are used with the same music but an acoustic piano is normally larger

and it has weighted keys. This means the harder that you press the louder the piano will sound.

This allows you to create tone and music sounds better with tone and the ability to put your feelings

into music. Keyboards are similar. They can be touch sensitive or non sensitive. We recommend that you

get a touch sensitive keyboard. The smaller ones are around 61 keys long and the bigger ones are 88 keys long.

This is normally for those that want to prepare for piano exams.

Currently Keyboards cost around $250 for 61 keys upwards. Acoustic Pianos cost around $3K and up. We normally buy our keyboards from places such as Scarlet Music - Footscray, Bashs Music - Deerpark and

Piano Warehouse - West Melbourne.

One Keyboard which is popular and touch sensitive is the - CASIO CASIOTONE CTS-300 61 NOTE DIGITAL KEYBOARD. This can be found at Scarlet Music - Footscray. Cost is around $295

Another touch sensitive keyboard is the - BEALE AK140 61 NOTE KEYBOARD - Cost $199 at Bashs Music Shop.


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