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Davies Music School is Changing its Structure a little!

We have recently built Studio number 2 at 2 Marche Court and now have hired a huge team of music teachers. We have now gone from 1 teacher ( myself Steve who teaches Piano, Guitar and Singing ) to a team of 12+ teachers. The next good problem to have is we need to find students to fill studio number 2. Currently after 3 weeks so far, we have around 16 students in studio number 2 so that is promising.

Its already developed a few teething problems such as parking, seating, disturbance in lessons due to having to do payments for new students and orientating our new parents to our music programs. Also finding the right teacher for the right student is another little issue. We understand there is a few problems here, but we are looking at ways to solve these issues. Please understand that we have never ran a music school like this before. Normally what we do with your enquiries is that we pass them onto our other outer studio team which has around 40+ teachers, who are mostly in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

What we plan to do is have around 80 students in Studio number 2. Once it gets too around 40, we plan to divide studio number 1 into 2 studios with a window and a door. The Clients who like to sit and wait for there lessons will move into our office, which we will then convert into a waiting room. As for the last 6 years, numbers have been growing here so, I can vision that we may have around 200+ new students by then end of next year. Which will bring us to well over 400.

If we continue to grow like we have in the last 6 years or more, we will work toward buying a warehouse in Hoppers Crossing or in the Tarneit area and build an educational city.

We have already begun looking at the future possibilities, but are not jumping the gun, so to speak yet.

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